nea's colors trade post

keep pile

character cards

Random cards I like. Keeping, not collecting!

special cards

Cards of my favorite characters, or random specials I happen to like. Not trading out for anything, sorry!

wishlist: specials

A long list of special cards I want, because they happen to feature a character I like or are just cute. I don't want the full decks of these (not atm anyway), just these cards. Decks not in the list are either those I'm not interested in at all, or I'm going to collect them later (bikini, Christmas, watermelon etc)

aerialace11, black05/11/17/20, blue08/09/13/19, brickbreak01/08/09/13, brown04, cakes01/06/09/11/13/14/17/19, changshan02, cosplay11, darkside14/16, deities10/14/15/19, earthquake04, gakuran01, green12/19/20, guns11/16, icebeam01/12, irontail10/13, marbirthday08/10/11/12/16/17/18, legendary05/11/15/19, lightside16/18, mechapilots03, nekomimi18/19, newyears15, nightshade01/02/03, octbirthday02, oriental04, pilots19, psybeam06/09/17/19, purple08/11/15/17, quality01/03, razorleaf01/05/06/16, red09, robots16, sailorfuku02/03/20, scars20, sekit02, shades08/13, shounen07/12, silhouettes07, sisters17, swimtrunks18, tackle08/11/15/19/20, tanabata04/12/14, thieves13/17, thunderbolt01/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/15/16, timegear12, watergun04, white02/16/20, winter14/15, x-scissor09/17